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Band-aids are meant to make everything better, to keep the wound safe until it heals. Band-aids are great for physical damage like a cut or a scrape but what about emotional damage. People are emotionally wounded everyday and there is no simple solution like a band-aid to make to make them feel better.

A cut can heal in a matter of days but how long does it take for someone to overcome the loss of a loved one. The world seems to treat physical health as a more serious matter than mental health. As humans we shame those who have mental health issues and hide our own out of fear of judgement. To be healthy, one must take care of their body and mind and we should be treating both these situations as equals.



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I have been fasting the month of Ramadan since I was about 5 years old. Fasting has taught me perseverance, patience, sharing, how to get through all of life’s situations without food or water, etc. I can barely remember the years when I did not fast and looking back on the times when I was a little kid mad at my parents for making me fast and begging them to break it, I am able to reflect on why my parents started me so early in the first place. Fasting from a young age instilled some very important values in me that I thank my parents for everyday. Also, if I would have started fasting later in my life, I would have had such a hard time adjusting to it. Fasting is all about abstaining from our humanly desires from sunrise to sunset to prove to ourselves that we can live without all of our extra accommodations. We consider these accommodations, necessities during any other time of the year. As Ramadan is coming to an end, I decided to write about my love for the month and what I have learned after all these years.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

Asma Elgouz


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Driving at Night

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Driving at night, where am I going?

Despite the looming darkness, I am surrounded by lights.

The headlights of the cars flying past me.

The streetlights that brighten the seemingly endless road ahead of me.

The lights of the scenic New York City skyline bring me in.

I am at peace.

Then I wonder, where does everyone else go when they need comfort.

When they have that incessant feeling in their stomach that they need to get out.

That they need to take charge of their lives and what the world has to offer.

I drive at night, but what does everyone else do?


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What is spirituality?

Is it a destination?

A feeling?

Or simply a state of mind?

Spirituality to me is a calm. It’s a stable feeling of peace that can come from being in a specific place or by doing something you love. Your entire being just feels at rest like everything else in the world does not matter; just that moment.

Everyone has their own journey to spirituality. By sharing our separate journeys we can further understand one another and eliminate discrimination and hate.

Spirituality is the key to remaining sane throughout our outrageous lives. No matter what you face, just take some time and reach your spiritual height, you will be able to overcome anything.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

Asma Elgouz

To the World.

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Sometimes I just feel like writing. Just letting everything go with the words. The words are my outlet for self expression. Today, I am not sure what to write. I am not sure what to put in this blog post and send out to the world. Recently, my concerns with the world and life in general has been overwhelming. As I grow older, the world seems to be getting more and more hateful. Is it getting worse or am I becoming more aware of it? One of my main focuses and goals ever since I was little was to help the world. There has to be something I can do to make people love one another, to stop wars, and end hunger. It is weird because the human race has created all the problems that currently plague our society. We created hate. We created war. We created boarders and differences.

My question is, how did we let it get this far and why can’t we stop it?

The human race needs to realize that when we fight against each other, we are simply slowly but surely everything we have built. From cities to governments and technology, the more we fight and hate the worse our situation is going to end up being. Humans are clearly an advanced race but, are we willing to let it all go to waste just so a small group of people can feel superior?

Thanks, for reading my mini rant about the world. I guess I just needed to put my thoughts into words and send them out into the Internet.


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Lately, I have been in a rut.

Lately, I have been feeling uninspired.

Lately, I have been lazy and irritable.

Lately, my life has not been off balance.

Suddenly, I am starting to feel like myself again.

Suddenly, my mood has been uplifted.

Suddenly, inspiration has been all around me.

Suddenly, the light is back in my life and I am free.

For the majority of 2017, my life has been full of stress, lack of creativity, and dismay over my current lifestyle. With spring in the air and my newfound feeling of freedom I have awakened from my depressed mode of hibernation. Expect more than can be imagined from me now that I feel inspired and ready to fully commit to this blog. The motivation is real!