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I came across these glorious cookies on Instagram and realized that my life would not be fulfilled without trying them. They are made in THE CUTEST little bakeshop in New City, New York called Caked Up. The bakery is known for its cupcakes and recently came out with their stuffed cookies. I also just need to say that the service was amazing, everyone there was so nice and probably the sweetest people I have ever come across.


I got the one all the way in the back with the chocolate on the sides while my two sisters got the others. Mine was filled with cookie dough, which was an actual out of body experience for me because this cookie was just too good. The one with the sprinkles was filled with with buttercream and the one with the Oreo crumbs had an Oreo filling. I would recommend these cookies to anyone with a sweet tooth who loves cookies. Caked Up also offers a variety of treats including cupcakes and beautifully decorated cakes. These cookies were absolutely amazing and anyone who loves chocolate chip cookies needs to try these

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Asma Elgouz