Eye Look of the Month: June 2017

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I have decided to create an eye look for every month that in a way captures the essence of the time of year. The looks can range from neutrals to completely avant-garde and unwearable. They can also represent my general thoughts, emotions, and overall state of mind during the month.

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender

This look captures all the June vibes with graduation and prom being its most prominent events for students. The darkness on the outer corner adds a bit of dimension to the eyes while also allowing the gorgeous pigment at the the front half of the eye have its moment. This look is perfect for any event or simply to just go out. (Please excuse the lopsidedness of my eyes, my head was slightly tilted.)

Products Used: 


Modern Renaissance Anastasia Beverly Hills: Raw Sienna, Warm Taupe, and Realgar (outer corner crease)


Bellapier Loose Pigment: Celebration (Front half into crease)

Naked 3 Urban Decay: Liar, Mugshot, Darkside (Second half/outer corner)

Lower Lash Line: 

Naked Urban Decay: Smug

Vice 3 Urban Decay: Lucky, Alchemy (outer corner), Alien (outer corner)

Inner Corner: Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit: Glo Getter, Kitty Kat, Forever Lit


Spring 2017 Sephora Haul

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Throughout the month of April, I have spent WAY too much money at Sephora, also known as my heaven. It was a mix of emotions when I felt that there holes in my collection and they needed to needed to be filled immediately. It all began with my incessant need to find the Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. It sold out online and in my local Sephora and so I went on a hunt. Later on, the VIB sale came around and I spend even more money on products I probably did not need.

The first product I bought was the Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced. I have had this mascara before and I was in major need of a new one.


I picked up some of the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks because it is probably my favorite formula. The shades I bought are Stripped and Pure Hollywood. The formula is not too drying but also incredibly long lasting and the shade range is amazing. Stripped is the perfect nude for anyone with a Light to Medium skin tone. Pure Hollywood; however, is a bit too light for me and resembles concealer when I have it on. I really like taking a little of it and dabbing it all over my lips to add a tad bit of color.



The Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit has lived up to my expectations as I have finally found it. The hunt for the palette was long and stressful but after nearly giving up I walked into a random Sephora and found it. The glow kit has a range of colors that can used for a range of skin tones as well. The shades are so versatile and beautiful, I am in love.





I repurchased the Benefit Hoola Bronzer because it is one of my ultimate ride or die products. This bronzer has been with me through thick and thin and always provides my cheekbones with the most cutting edge look. It is not too cool-toned or warmed tone making it the perfect bronzer.



I picked up two of the Smashbox Always On Matte liquid lipsticks. I have always been meaning to try out this specific formula and heard amazing things. I originally was also looking at their new formula, Be Legendary, but was uninterested in the shades. The shades I got are Out Loud a deep orange and Stepping Out a darker nude. I have become obsessed with Out Loud its the perfect shade for year round and is quite the statement. The formula is very comfortable and easy to work with as well.



I got the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita, which is one of the most popular shades from her entire collection. I never got around to buying this shade and decided that the VIB sale was the right time. I find that it also looks amazing on a variety of skin tones.



I picked up the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in the shade Rose Gold Retro. This product is crazy beautiful and I was surprised by how pigmented and blendable this product was going to be.



I also got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eye Shadow Palette because I’ve had my eyes on it for awhile but never got around to actually purchasing it. I swatched a few of the shades that caught my attention in the palette to show the incredible pigmentation and creaminess of these shadows.



Lastly, I purchased a Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Créme Lip Gloss in the shade Champagne Pearl. This specific product is not for anyone who does not like to take risks with their makeup. The formula is incredibly pigmented and glittery and the actual shade of my soul. It is so pretty and adds a bold lip to any makeup look possible.



To the World.

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Sometimes I just feel like writing. Just letting everything go with the words. The words are my outlet for self expression. Today, I am not sure what to write. I am not sure what to put in this blog post and send out to the world. Recently, my concerns with the world and life in general has been overwhelming. As I grow older, the world seems to be getting more and more hateful. Is it getting worse or am I becoming more aware of it? One of my main focuses and goals ever since I was little was to help the world. There has to be something I can do to make people love one another, to stop wars, and end hunger. It is weird because the human race has created all the problems that currently plague our society. We created hate. We created war. We created boarders and differences.

My question is, how did we let it get this far and why can’t we stop it?

The human race needs to realize that when we fight against each other, we are simply slowly but surely everything we have built. From cities to governments and technology, the more we fight and hate the worse our situation is going to end up being. Humans are clearly an advanced race but, are we willing to let it all go to waste just so a small group of people can feel superior?

Thanks, for reading my mini rant about the world. I guess I just needed to put my thoughts into words and send them out into the Internet.


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Lately, I have been in a rut.

Lately, I have been feeling uninspired.

Lately, I have been lazy and irritable.

Lately, my life has not been off balance.

Suddenly, I am starting to feel like myself again.

Suddenly, my mood has been uplifted.

Suddenly, inspiration has been all around me.

Suddenly, the light is back in my life and I am free.

For the majority of 2017, my life has been full of stress, lack of creativity, and dismay over my current lifestyle. With spring in the air and my newfound feeling of freedom I have awakened from my depressed mode of hibernation. Expect more than can be imagined from me now that I feel inspired and ready to fully commit to this blog. The motivation is real!