The Abnormal Beauty Company Haul

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While galavanting around the lovely city of Toronto, visiting The Abnormal Beauty Company shop was a must for my cosmetics-obsessed self. The company itself promotes the usage of natural products to attack different skin issues and overall providing products for all types of skin. The shop offers an array of brands that can all be found on their website ( I gravitated towards all of The Ordinary’s products as well as a few of NIOD’s.


The shop currently sells two types of foundation as their only makeup products under The Ordinary brand. The first is their full coverage formula which seems to have a beautiful finish after trying it out on my hand. The second is the more popular formula as it is their Serum foundation with a lighter coverage. This formula also seems to have a more natural finish.



The majority of the store is heaven for any skincare lover. This Vitamin C Suspension 30% from The Ordinary is described as a “water-free, suitable suspension”. There are currently two formulas of this product; however, I chose to purchase the newer formula simply because of the added silicone. The product is meant to tackle uneven tones and signs of aging. The product is a creamy texture and is said to provide a tingling sensation after application.


This Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% from The Ordinary is described as “a mild lactic acid superficial peeling formulation”. It is said to target uneven tones, textural irregularities, and fine lines.


This Alpa Arbutin 2% + HA from The Ordinary is described as a serum meant to target hyper pigmentation and dark spots.


This Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% from The Ordinary is described as “a brightening serum with stabilized Vitamin C derivative”. It visibly targets dullness, uneven tone, and signs of aging.


This Sanskrit Saponins from NIOD is a face wash but also not a face wash as it is not meant to remove makeup.  It has quite a gentle texture but provides a quite intense clean.


This product is called Mastic Must from NIOD and it is a translucent mask. This product targets acne as well overall cleaning. It also visibly reduces both the number and size of pores.

I am really excited to try out these products and would love to make an update post on these products. All the skincare products target my specific issues of discoloration, dark spots, and acne. The shop has so many products for all different skin types so anyone is bound to find something for them from The Abnormal Beauty Company.

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Taiyaki Ice Cream

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Any Instagram food enthusiast has probably seen the soft serve ice cream inside of a cone that resembles a fish called Taiyaki. Traditionally, Taiyaki is a Japanese cookie filled with red bean. At Taiyaki NYC located in SoHo, they have taken the cookie and created a lovely ice cream treat.


(Please ignore my lovely chipped nail polish.)

This is probably some of the best ice cream I have ever tried. I ordered the Straight Outta Japan which is matcha and black sesame swirl with a red bean filling in the cone, and mochi and wafer as toppings. The soft serve itself is so creamy and flavorful while the cone and red bean filling truly make the dessert. The mochi and wafer and a beautiful touch that add to the essence of the whole treat. They also have a variety of other flavors and an option to make your own Taiyaki.

I rarely ever go back to ice cream or any sort of restaurant simply because I love trying new things but, Taiyaki is just so good that I have gone back time and time again while also having incredibly random cravings for it. Taiyaki NYC has officially become one of my “spots” and filled a void in my black heart.

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Asma Elgouz


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Band-aids are meant to make everything better, to keep the wound safe until it heals. Band-aids are great for physical damage like a cut or a scrape but what about emotional damage. People are emotionally wounded everyday and there is no simple solution like a band-aid to make to make them feel better.

A cut can heal in a matter of days but how long does it take for someone to overcome the loss of a loved one. The world seems to treat physical health as a more serious matter than mental health. As humans we shame those who have mental health issues and hide our own out of fear of judgement. To be healthy, one must take care of their body and mind and we should be treating both these situations as equals.

Kimonos and Henna for Eid Al-Fitr 2017

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This Eid my outfit was put together in quite the last minute fashion. I got all my clothes and my henna done the day before. Thankfully Zara was having quite the sale and I was able to create quite the outfit and find my new favorite pair of jeans. IMG_8099img_8103.jpgIMG_8101IMG_8105

I picked up the kimono and jeans from Zara. The kimono adds a nice bit of brightness and color to the outfit while also providing a change to my usual style. The kimono has quite the variety of blues and peach tones and a very unique floral patten. It is quite a fresh twist on a classic and makes the perfect statement piece. The jeans are made of a light blue denim material with added metal accents at bottom of and around the belt loops. The shirt I wore underneath was a simple black blouse from J Crew, that can be thrown on under any jacket. My shoes are the Krista in black leather from Steve Madden. The platform starts with a cork like material to a white cleated sole. They have a 2.5 inch heel and a 1 inch platform. Lastly, my hijab is from Shop the Souq. It is a very light material (perfect for the summer time, and still provides the larger hijab look I love.

This outfit was perfect for its occasion because it was comfortable while also stylish as hell. The shoes provide the perfect amount of height to give anyone that extra oomph and the kimono and accents on the jeans truly could truly make anyone stand out.


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I have been fasting the month of Ramadan since I was about 5 years old. Fasting has taught me perseverance, patience, sharing, how to get through all of life’s situations without food or water, etc. I can barely remember the years when I did not fast and looking back on the times when I was a little kid mad at my parents for making me fast and begging them to break it, I am able to reflect on why my parents started me so early in the first place. Fasting from a young age instilled some very important values in me that I thank my parents for everyday. Also, if I would have started fasting later in my life, I would have had such a hard time adjusting to it. Fasting is all about abstaining from our humanly desires from sunrise to sunset to prove to ourselves that we can live without all of our extra accommodations. We consider these accommodations, necessities during any other time of the year. As Ramadan is coming to an end, I decided to write about my love for the month and what I have learned after all these years.

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Asma Elgouz


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Starbucks Ombré Pink Drink

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Like the rest of America, I love Starbucks. Every time a new cool-looking drink is added to their menu, I make plans with my sister (my SB fanatic partner in crime) to try it. Last summer, the pink drink was all rage and since it was on the secret menu, everyone and their mother was ordering it. This year the drink was added onto the actual menu and Starbucks created an ombré version.


This drink for me was a bit disappointing. I was expecting a fruity explosion but ended up with the familiar taste of the toothpaste my dentist uses to clean my teeth. While it was not the worst thing I have ever tried on the planet, I would still probably never order it again. However, other people seem to be really enjoying it so maybe it is not for everyone. I would love to know what everyone else thought of it as well!

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Much Love,

Asma Elgouz

Driving at Night

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Driving at night, where am I going?

Despite the looming darkness, I am surrounded by lights.

The headlights of the cars flying past me.

The streetlights that brighten the seemingly endless road ahead of me.

The lights of the scenic New York City skyline bring me in.

I am at peace.

Then I wonder, where does everyone else go when they need comfort.

When they have that incessant feeling in their stomach that they need to get out.

That they need to take charge of their lives and what the world has to offer.

I drive at night, but what does everyone else do?


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I came across these glorious cookies on Instagram and realized that my life would not be fulfilled without trying them. They are made in THE CUTEST little bakeshop in New City, New York called Caked Up. The bakery is known for its cupcakes and recently came out with their stuffed cookies. I also just need to say that the service was amazing, everyone there was so nice and probably the sweetest people I have ever come across.


I got the one all the way in the back with the chocolate on the sides while my two sisters got the others. Mine was filled with cookie dough, which was an actual out of body experience for me because this cookie was just too good. The one with the sprinkles was filled with with buttercream and the one with the Oreo crumbs had an Oreo filling. I would recommend these cookies to anyone with a sweet tooth who loves cookies. Caked Up also offers a variety of treats including cupcakes and beautifully decorated cakes. These cookies were absolutely amazing and anyone who loves chocolate chip cookies needs to try these

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Much Love,

Asma Elgouz


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What is spirituality?

Is it a destination?

A feeling?

Or simply a state of mind?

Spirituality to me is a calm. It’s a stable feeling of peace that can come from being in a specific place or by doing something you love. Your entire being just feels at rest like everything else in the world does not matter; just that moment.

Everyone has their own journey to spirituality. By sharing our separate journeys we can further understand one another and eliminate discrimination and hate.

Spirituality is the key to remaining sane throughout our outrageous lives. No matter what you face, just take some time and reach your spiritual height, you will be able to overcome anything.

Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

Asma Elgouz