Starbucks Ombré Pink Drink

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Like the rest of America, I love Starbucks. Every time a new cool-looking drink is added to their menu, I make plans with my sister (my SB fanatic partner in crime) to try it. Last summer, the pink drink was all rage and since it was on the secret menu, everyone and their mother was ordering it. This year the drink was added onto the actual menu and Starbucks created an ombré version.


This drink for me was a bit disappointing. I was expecting a fruity explosion but ended up with the familiar taste of the toothpaste my dentist uses to clean my teeth. While it was not the worst thing I have ever tried on the planet, I would still probably never order it again. However, other people seem to be really enjoying it so maybe it is not for everyone. I would love to know what everyone else thought of it as well!

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Asma Elgouz